How to refill tanks

If you have bought an ecigarette, you may want to know how to:

refill your tank/cartomiser

maintain your battery to extend its life

Tanks – Here is a video showing how to refill top-loading cartomisers and tanks:

Filling the Kanger Evod Tank

Refilling bottom-loading tanks, like the Kanger Evod is trickier:

The EVOD is a bottom coil tank; it features replaceable coils and has an eliquid capacity of about 2ml.  Unlike other tanks, the mouthpiece of the EVOD is permanently attached and the tank is filled from the bottom.  With replaceable coils this 2-peice design has an advantage over other tanks.  If the EVOD tank fails and the tank is filled with liquid, the base (coils) can be easily replaced without the need to drain the eliquid from the tank first.  Bottom coil tanks provide a nice warm vapour, with a superb clean flavour and eliminate wicking issues because the liquid is always in contact with the wick.


1.    The mouth piece does NOT come off.


2.    Hold the EVOD upside down.


3.    Unscrew the battery from the tank, if you hold the collar of the tank the battery will come away with the coil part attached.


4.    The tank has a central column


5.    Hold the tank at an angle and drip the eliquid down the side, being careful not to get liquid into the centre hole


6.    Fill to your desired level being careful not to fill beyond the top of the central column

7.    Screw the battery back onto the tank, turn it the right way up and you are nearly ready to vape.  If you are using a brand new tank, you must allow time for ‘wicking’.  This means allowing the wicks in the tank to soak up the juice.  If you don’t do this, you will get a burnt vape, as the atomiser tries to vapourise a dry wick – not pleasant.  You can accelerate this process by using ‘priming tokes’ – that is, sucking on the tank in the usual way, but without pressing the button – this helps the wicks to suck up the eliquid.





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